The Façade of the University of Salamanca. Interpretation


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Autores: Cirilo Flórez Miguel
Traductores: Nick Skinner, Diane I. Garvey-Zaccaro

The façade of the University of Salamanca was decorated, as we see it today, in the period known as the Renaissance; in particular, during the first decades of the 16th century. During the time in wich the façade was built, what could be termed the «modern state» was beginning to emerge, understanding by this a «work of art». The architects of those times had their own language that literally spanned Europe and that gave the continent a certain air of universality. Also, their work was very experimental, mixing diverse forms such as architecture (per se) and sculpture. This is a very evident of the façade we shall be exploring and analyzing. A third feature is that such architecture is pervaded by the presence of monsters, which were at the time inseparable from human existence and daily reality, as we shall also see on the façade.

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