University of Salamanca. The ‘Escuelas Mayores’ building



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Autores: José Ramón Nieto González

The first quarter of the 15th century saw the start of the construction of this building, which has always been known as the Escuelas Mayores. In 1411, Cardinal Pedro de Luna, an enthusiastic supporter of the University, ordered its construction. As the culmination of all these constructions and additions, we now have the present edifice, organized around a patio with semicircular arches on the ground floor and five-pointed oge earches on the upper floor, both floors being connected by a magnificent staircase. The disposition of the floors seems to be related to the design of a Roman house, which would in part explain –at least for the defenders of this hypothesis– the addition of the richly sculpted façade, based on Vitruvian influences.

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